Artist's Statement

As a fiber artist, my pieces begin with textiles selected for elaborate patterns which are then overworked with labor-intensive hand stitching and beadwork, buttons, costume jewelry, found objects, and appliquéd pieces.  Originally a costume designer and performance artist from New York City, my work includes sculptural pieces, either garment-based or built upon vintage dress forms and mannequins.  In both two dimensional works and sculptural pieces, the question of scale is heightened by an intricate surface detail that draws the audience/viewer inward from a larger conceptual structure.  My aesthetic is defined by an original use of color and pattern, an obsessive fetish quality that creates an almost gruesome or garish beauty, subversively providing a surreal perspective to what is primarily a decorative art style. The pieces are layered with iconography and meaning, a language held within hidden memories and our dreams.

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