The Burning Times

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This on-going project began in 2006; it is a work of remembrance, honoring the women and men killed as witches during the Witch Trial-Era. This project began with the gathering of the real names and stories of lost lives, an expedition into our past (and too often present) of violence and fear-based persecution. Based on newly translated documentation of this history, my investigation into this fearful period is directed through a lens of gender theory, while also examining the connections between the Witch-Trial Era and the rise of capitalism and colonialism. Over the past several years, this project has included ritual installations, a memorial wall of names stitched onto a large tapestry (The Shroud of Remembrance – currently two panels each 4’ x 9’), the creation of poetic text to give voice to the victims, and most importantly, hand made poppets representing the individuals executed as “witches.”

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